Classical 91.7 Playlist

Playlist for Monday, May 4, 2015

  • 6:00 pm

    Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist
    • 12:01 am
      March No. 1
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Conductor: Hans Graf

    • 12:06 am
      Composer: Steve Reich, Performer: Ariana Kim, violin

    • 12:13 am
      Composer: Albert Roussel

    • 12:21 am
      Italian Concerto
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Conductor: Andrew Lawrence-King

    • 12:35 am
      Oboe Concerto
      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn, Performer: Pierre Pierlot, oboe, Conductor: Janos Rolla

    • 1:01 am
      Sonata No. 12
      Composer: Johann Schmelzer, Conductor: Andrew Manze

    • 1:06 am
      The Countess: Overture
      Composer: Stanislaw Moniuszko, Conductor: Antoni Wit

    • 1:15 am
      Composer: Robert Schumann, Performer: Mieczyslaw Horszowski, piano

    • 1:23 am
      String Quartet No. 3
      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven

    • 1:45 am
      Symphony No. 13
      Composer: Carlos Baguer, Conductor: Matthias Bamert

    • 2:01 am
      Sonata for Two Violins: Gigue and Presto
      Composer: Johann Goldberg

    • 2:06 am
      Der fliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman): Overture
      Composer: Richard Wagner, Conductor: Lorin Maazel

    • 2:18 am
      Minuets and Trios
      Composer: Franz Schubert, Conductor: Vladimir Spivakov

    • 2:38 am
      Columba aspexit (The Dove peered in)
      Composer: Hildegard von Bingen, Performer: Emma Kirkby, soprano, Conductor: Christopher Page

    • 2:43 am
      Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche (Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks)
      Composer: Richard Strauss, Conductor: Otto Klemperer

    • 3:01 am
      Cello Sonata: 1st movement
      Composer: Charles Koechlin, Performer: Mats Lidstrom, cello

    • 3:06 am
      Symphony No. 1: Mountain Flowers
      Composer: Rued Langgaard, Conductor: Leif Segerstam

    • 3:18 am
      Arabesque No. 1
      Composer: Claude Debussy, Performer: Yolanda Kondonassis, harp

    • 3:24 am
      Oboe Concerto
      Composer: Franz Hoffmeister, Performer: Albrecht Mayer, oboe, Conductor: Albrecht Mayer

    • 3:43 am
      Night Ride and Sunrise
      Composer: Jean Sibelius, Conductor: Antal Dorati

    • 4:01 am
      Oboe Quintet: Canzonetta
      Composer: Theodore Dubois, Performer: Jean-Luc Plourde, viola

    • 4:06 am
      A Midsummer Night's Dream: Overture
      Composer: Felix Mendelssohn, Conductor: Claus Peter Flor

    • 4:19 am
      Galliard to Lachrimae
      Composer: John Dowland, Performer: Paul O'Dette, lute

    • 4:23 am
      Symphony No. 22 "Philosopher"
      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn, Conductor: Adam Fischer

    • 4:42 am
      The Sacred Linden Tree (Die heilige Linde): Overture
      Composer: Siegfried Wagner, Conductor: Werner Andreas Albert

    • 5:01 am
      Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff, Performer: Sergei Rachmaninoff, piano

    • 5:06 am
      Symphony No. 32
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Conductor: Emmanuel Krivine

    • 5:15 am
      Rhapsody in Blue
      Composer: George Gershwin, Performer: Simone Dinnerstein, piano, Conductor: Kristian Jarvi

    • 5:34 am
      Swedish Rhapsody No. 1 "Midsummer Vigil"
      Composer: Hugo Alfven, Conductor: Neeme Jarvi

    • 5:49 am
      Toccata and Fugue
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Conductor: Eugene Ormandy

    • 6:01 am
      Composers Datebook

    • 6:03 am
      Etude No. 8
      Composer: Frederic Chopin, Performer: Murray Perahia, piano

    • 6:06 am
      Oboe Concerto No. 1
      Composer: George Frideric Handel, Performer: David Reichenberg, oboe, Conductor: Trevor Pinnock

    • 6:15 am
      Faust Ballet Music
      Composer: Charles Gounod, Conductor: Neville Marriner

    • 6:33 am
      Violin Sonata No. 5
      Composer: Francesco Veracini, Performer: John Holloway, violin

    • 6:46 am
      Suite Francaise
      Composer: Francis Poulenc, Conductor: Georges Pretre

    • 7:01 am
      Graceful Ghost Rag
      Composer: William Bolcom, Performer: Richard Dowling, piano

    • 7:06 am
      Concerto No. 12
      Composer: Tomaso Albinoni, Conductor: Simon Standage

    • 7:14 am
      Three Short Pieces
      Composer: Jacques Ibert

    • 7:22 am
      Violin Concerto No. 1
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Performer: Rachel Barton Pine, violin, Conductor: Neville Marriner

    • 7:45 am
      Overture No. 2
      Composer: Jean-Marie Leclair, Conductor: Reinhard Goebel

    • 8:01 am
      Composer: Enrique Granados, Performer: Douglas Riva, piano

    • 8:06 am
      Candide: Overture
      Composer: Leonard Bernstein, Conductor: Andrew Litton

    • 8:11 am
      Cancion de Cuna (Afro-Cuban Lullaby)
      Composer: Leo Brouwer, Performer: Marco Tamayo, guitar

    • 8:16 am
      La Mer (The Sea)
      Composer: Claude Debussy, Conductor: Pierre Boulez

    • 8:42 am
      Latvian Folk Songs: The Sun Departs in a Golden Boat
      Composer: Viktors Bastiks, Conductor: Andrejs Jansons

    • 8:44 am
      Concerto for Flute, Two Violins, and Basso Continuo (Dresden version)
      Composer: Johann Hasse, Performer: Eckart Haupt, flute

    • 9:01 am
      Composer: Johann Strauss, Jr., Conductor: Alfred Walter

    • 9:06 am
      Brandenburg Concerto No. 1
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Conductor: Trevor Pinnock

    • 9:28 am
      With a lily in your hand
      Composer: Eric Whitacre, Conductor: Stephen Layton

    • 9:30 am
      Abdelazar: Incidental Music
      Composer: Henry Purcell, Conductor: Jeanne Lamon

    • 9:39 am
      The Rill
      Composer: George Chadwick, Performer: Peter Kairoff, piano

    • 9:43 am
      Cold Mountain
      Composer: Gabriel Yared, Conductor: Harry Rabinowitz

  • 6:00 pm

    Performance Today

    Performance Today features timely recordings that can't be heard anywhere else, recent performances by the great artists of our time and by the next generation of classical artists, from concert halls around the globe. Plus interviews and performances from the APM studios, and from concert stages around the country, along with classical music news and features. Every week composer Bruce Adolphe joins host Fred Child for a classical music game, the PT Piano Puzzler.

  • 6:00 pm

    Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist
    • 2:00 pm
      Violin Concerto No. 2
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Performer: Maxim Vengerov, violin, Conductor: Maxim Vengerov

    • 2:01 pm
      Child Grove; Easter Thursday; The Beggar Boy
      Composer: Anonymous

    • 2:06 pm
      Dance of the Hours
      Composer: Amilcare Ponchielli, Conductor: Neeme Jarvi

    • 2:17 pm
      Mad Rush
      Composer: Philip Glass, Performer: Valentina Lisitsa, piano

    • 2:35 pm
      The Battle of Legnano: Overture
      Composer: Giuseppe Verdi, Conductor: Riccardo Muti

    • 2:46 pm
      Mandolin Concerto
      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Performer: Avi Avital, mandolin

    • 3:01 pm
      Linz Dances
      Composer: Anonymous Viennese

    • 3:06 pm
      Masquerade Suite: Waltz and Mazurka
      Composer: Aram Khachaturian, Conductor: Aleksander Lazarev

    • 3:13 pm
      The Coolin
      Composer: Traditional Irish, Performer: Barry Douglas, piano

    • 3:22 pm
      In The South Overture (Alassio)
      Composer: Edward Elgar, Conductor: Andrew Litton

    • 3:45 pm
      The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Garden of the Senses Suite
      Composer: Michael Gandolfi, Conductor: Robert Spano

    • 4:01 pm
      Symphony: 4th movement
      Composer: Johan Zander, Conductor: Philip Brunelle

    • 4:06 pm
      Flute Concerto
      Composer: Antonio Vivaldi, Performer: Emmanuel Pahud, flute, Conductor: Richard Tognetti

    • 4:15 pm
      Berceuse (Lullaby)
      Composer: Frederic Chopin, Performer: Nelson Freire, piano

    • 4:21 pm
      Symphonic Scherzo
      Composer: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, Conductor: Donald Johanos

    • 4:29 pm
      Scots Marche
      Composer: Anonymous

    • 4:33 pm
      Symphony No. 39
      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Conductor: Gunter Wand

    • 5:01 pm
      Symphony No. 3 "Pastoral": 1st movement
      Composer: Francois-Joseph Gossec, Conductor: Matthias Bamert

    • 5:06 pm
      Piano Sonata No. 13
      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven, Performer: Emil Gilels, piano

    • 5:23 pm
      Scottish March (Marche ecossaise)
      Composer: Claude Debussy, Conductor: Louis de Froment

    • 5:30 pm
      Joyous March
      Composer: Emmanuel Chabrier, Conductor: Armin Jordan

    • 5:35 pm
      Orpheus in the Underworld: Overture
      Composer: Jacques Offenbach, Conductor: Marc Minkowski

    • 5:45 pm
      Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage Overture
      Composer: Felix Mendelssohn, Conductor: Claudio Abbado

    • 6:01 pm
      Composer: Easley Blackwood, Performer: Easley Blackwood, piano/synthesizer

    • 6:06 pm
      William Tell: Overture
      Composer: Gioacchino Rossini, Conductor: Myung-Whun Chung

    • 6:18 pm
      Composer: Niccolo Paganini, Performer: Eugene Fodor, violin

    • 6:23 pm
      Symphony No. 59 "Fire"
      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn, Performer: Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord, Conductor: Trevor Pinnock

    • 6:41 pm
      Luke Dillon
      Composer: Turlough O'Carolan, Performer: David Pedrick, guitar

    • 6:45 pm
      Adagio with Variations
      Composer: Ottorino Respighi, Performer: Mischa Maisky, cello, Conductor: Semyon Bychkov

  • 6:00 pm

    Exploring Music

    Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin is an exciting daily radio program that delves into a wide assortment of topics in classical music. Each five-program series builds off a single theme ranging from composer biographies to explorations of various cultures, musical styles, and time periods.

  • 6:00 pm
  • 6:00 pm

    Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist
    • 10:00 pm
      Composer: Nicola Matteis, Performer: Elizabeth Blumenstock, violin, Conductor: Nicholas McGegan

    • 10:01 pm
      The Desert of Roses: 3rd movement
      Composer: Robert Moran, Conductor: Craig Smith

    • 10:06 pm
      Sonata No. 6
      Composer: Henry Purcell